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Allow markdown formatting

  • GF
    Griffin Farmer
    10 months ago
    Have you considered adding the markdown support when adding a new post? Our team are experts at markdown and it is generally used by tech people and bloggers, so I think your other customers would also benefit from this change. What do you think?

Conversation (3)

  • MD
    Melissa Doe (Your Company)
    10 months ago
    We just shipped this feature. Go check it out and let us know what you think. :)
  • JD
    John Doe (Your Company)
    10 months ago
    Got it! Added engineering team started working on this, we will keep you updated.
  • CK
    Craig Kelly
    10 months ago
    Our team also wants this! But we need both markdown and WYSIWYG editor, as not everyone is comfortable with markdown.
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